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Professional Portfolio Pico Sport Lda

Operating since 1996 for whale watching and scuba diving.

Since many years photographers, TV teams and scientists come to the Azores to work from our boats with whales, dolphins, sharks, manta rays, mobulas and look for feeding balls and Tuna. We believe that spreading knowledge contributes significantly to the protection of sea-dweller in the Atlantic which is why we support the work of the pros with great verve.

Our treasure trove of experience with professional film and photo work is rich. Consequently we are able to respond adequately to different requirements and wishes which the work involves. Apart from well prepared and well organised work, luck is also important because neither weather nor situations in the nature can be planned. This is why it is necessary to work with professionals at the water who are able to quickly make the right decisions in each situation.

In the last 25 years we worked with various international photographers and TV Teams.
This is just a small selection of names of photographers: Joe Bunni, Kurt Amsler, Franco Banfi, Rienhard Mink, Rainer Schimpf, Robert Wilpernig, Daniel Brinckmann, Doug Perrine, Tomas Kutoc, George Karbus, Nuno Sa, and specially Gerard Soury.

Film Teams

  • Joao Paulo Krajewski Brazil Nat Geo
  • Reinhard Mink, German TV HR 3
  • Thomas Behrend Blue Planet Film Germany for RTL
  • Hans Jöchler, Die letzten Paradiese for ARD
  • The Montello brothers, whales and dolphins in 3 D for Michele Cousteau
  • Martha Holmes & Davina McCall – Life at the extreme
  • Roger Horrocks for Our planet / Silbervack productions
feeding balls around Pico and Faial with dolphins and bastard mackerel

Blue Planet 2

Blue Planet 2 with Jonathan Smith, James Honeyborn and Nuno Sa as cinematographer.

In May 2015 the BBC Blue Planet 2 Team worked with us for new episodes which were broadcasted in autumn 2017. Blue Planet 2 is one of the most important series worldwide about the oceans and their creatures. Among others we sank two dead whales at the coast of Pico to let BBC film bluntnose sixgill sharks in the deep sea. In this process breath-taking film material could be produced: Sequences of dead whale at the surface and sharks feeding
, filming a dead sperm whale in 700m deep and six Gillsharks feeding on it,
spermwhales feeding balls with blue sharks. Further on the same team filmed feeding balls in Norway with Orca and humpback whales feeding on Herring.

Current productions

  • Luis Lamar for a new Netflix landmark series about the Ocean. Azores
  • Nuno Sa for a new Netflix landmark series about the Ocean. Azores.
  • Discovery channel – Shark weeks with Joe Romeiro

Productions out of the Azores

  • Silverback production – THE HUNT Orca feeding sequences in Patagonia and Norway
  • Plimsoll productions – Various movies Orca feeding sequences in Patagonia and Norway southern right whales
  • BBC -Patagonia. Orca feeding sequences in Patagonia and Norway southern right whales

…and many more!

We hold a big stock of 1st class footage which is available fort sell. Some excellent material is currently frozen because it can only be published and sold after the material has been broadcasted in some shows.

Contact us for: Azores, Patagonia, Norway, Orca hunting , feeding balls, blue sharks, Mako sharks , Whale sharks, Bluefin Tuna, Dolphins. Spermwhales, Bluewhales, six gill sharks, Salpida, Aurora borealis.

If you wish to produce in the Azores we guide you through the permit process and will assist you to point out the right time of season, equipment, boats and crew.