PICO SPORT 1996-2021

25 years of experience

Pico Sport is one of the oldest water sports companies in the Azores and has been operating for 25 years!

Frank Wirth came to the island of Pico for the first time in 1993 and has built up the company ever since. Over the years a stately company has emerged that is not only concerned with diving and whale watching. Pico Sport has its own accommodation, rental cars, scooters, a small tour bus and a first-class team of skippers and dive guides. The oldest employees have been with us for over 15 years. Together we have developed a quality that is far ahead of many others. That is why we have been working with top-category TV productions for many years. BBC Blue Planet 2 and currently working on 2 Netflix Ocean series are just a few.

The most important thing to us is the protection of the oceans and the creatures that live in them. That is why we are committed to shark protection and support a shark tagging project by researcher Jorge Fontes.

Magalodon Project Azores

Megafaunascience powered by
proWin pronature & Pico Sport Azores

Various programs to collect funds to finance the scientific work and to change peoples mind and governments minds

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You will find programs on these pages

  • Whale watching as a daily program or as a vacation package
  • Diving for beginners including diving courses
  • Diving for experienced divers around Pico, Faial and Santa Maria.
  • Liveaboard tours with the ProWin pronature fleet
  • Technical diver including courses for Tek Diver
  • Apnea diving programs with experienced figures from the scene

Service offers and complete packages for vacationers who want to hike or relax.

  • Island hopping rental cars
  • Rental cars on Pico and Santa Maria
  • Scooter rental on Pico and Santa Maria
  • Kayak rental on Pico and Santa Maria
  • Accommodation on Pico

Help in finding the right flights from our ticket partner in Berlin

We also offer international tours out of season such as Orca Camp Norway, Orca Camp Patagonia and many other tours!

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