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Its a passion for us to work with professionals. Our team has more than 2 decades of experience in working with photographers and TV teams. We even work professional international. Every year our skipper team travels to Norway to operate our Orca Camp.
The experience of the skipper and the instinct of this people from the sea is the key to our success. They can see each little difference on the surface when water moves, they see the blow of the whales from fare and they can smell what’s below the surface. This people deal with all kinds of wave and wind situation in the sea and they never give up on a boring day. They want to be out there and get the best shot in the box to make your departure a successful one.

Our office has the experience to deal with all kind of paper and permit work needed and can arrange even the most complicated jobs. We sank 2 dead whales for BBC Blue Planet 2 at Pico Island which was a huge job. Our experts see the most advanced weather and wind forecasts to plan each departure.

The fleet of Pico Sport offers boats in all categories. We operate 4 live aboard all offshore certified, 2 GFK boats of 12m that can be used for cineflex mounts and offshore work, 4 8,5 semi ridged power boats that can be designed for your need on board.
2 6,5m tender Zodiaks that can be towed behind the liveaboards to work offshore i the open water and be flexible out there.
Pico Sport is know in the market oof photographer and film production companies. We are hired often by the best productions in the world. BBC, Netflix, Disney, Smithsonian, Nat

Geo, are some of them.