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Diving Santa Maria

The dive sites around the island of Santa Maria in the south of the Azores are a well-kept secret. Here the water is much warmer than around Pico, so different species can be observed.
Others like blue and mako sharks are missing.
The Mobula meeting point Ambrosios is legendary.
The nature reserve of the Formigas is located 22nm north from the port.
Small marine parks have emerged around Santa Maria that offer first-class Atlantic diving.
The island is also famous for the frequent occurrence of whale sharks which can be seen here regularly.

We therefore move one of the ships from proWin pronature Fleet to Santa Maria and offer one-week cruises, just like in the central archipelago. Of course, a combination for 14 days with Pico Island is ideal because you then get the entire spectrum of the top Atlantic diving spots.

Since in Santa it was previously only possible to get to the great dive sites on Zodiaks until now, Pico Sport also puts the 11.00 m Roman fisherman to Villa do Porto to establish a new millennium of service for the Island.


Diving Santa Maria

Live Aboard in Santa Maria

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Diving Santa Maria

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